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We've all been there before…

maybe it's a new ride, a waterslide, jumping out a plane… but we’ve all conquered our fears.


Well, everyone except Struds, that is!

Did you hear that he wimped out while his kid showed him up at the Aerial Park?!

Now it’s Struds' time to shine while he’ll conquer his fears with his pal Rishaug at The Snow Valley Aerial Park!

Will they, won’t they, can they…??!

It’s time for Struds & Rishaug to show us what they’re made of!!

BUT before we make them walk the plank, they want YOU to donate. The goal is to raise $14K!

Funds raised to see Strudy & Rishaug cry as they conquer their fears will go to

Gregor’s Grads & KidSport Edmonton.

Tax recipets avaliable via KidSport, anything over $20
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Help us suit up local kids, whether its for grad or for the field.

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